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Businesses: State law requires all businesses that generate 4 cubic yards of garbage per week to recycle

Apartments: State law requires apartment communities / multi-family housing with 5 or more units to recycle

Why Recycle?
  • Recycling may provide opportunities for your business to save money.

  • Recycling helps conserve resources and extends the life of California’s landfills. It also helps create a healthy environment for our community and future generations.

  • Many apartment residents are requesting recycling. Providing recycling helps promote your community as environmentally friendly and may help fill vacancies.

Types of Material to Recycle:
  • Clean, dry paper – junk mail, newspapers, magazines, phone books, catalogs

  • Cardboard boxes and chipboard

  • Plastic and glass bottles and jars

  • Metal and aluminum cans

  • Metal containers and empty aerosol cans

  • Plastic bags and dry cleaner bags


DON’T Put In the Recycling Bin:
  • Broken glass

  • Contaminated or wet paper

  • Plastic hangers

  • Rubber tires

  • Hazardous waste – paint, batteries, antifreeze, pesticides, cleaning products, appliances, cell phones, TVs, computer monitors

For information on proper disposal or recycling of these materials, see

Where to go for more information:

To learn more, call the Stanislaus County Dept. of Environmental Resources at (209) 525-6700, or visit

Or contact your hauler:

Bertolotti Disposal
(209) 537-6911

Gilton Solid Waste
(209) 527-3781

Turlock Scavenger
(209) 668-7274

Visit: for more information from Stanislaus County Department of Environmental Resources. For additional general information about recycling and waste reduction, visit CalRecycle at:

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